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Casa Prosecco

Casa Prosecco is where you can find our excellence, also internationally. Find out about the conferences and all the initiatives dedicated to our product and aimed at raising the profile of the "Italian Genio" worldwide.

Casa Prosecco USA

United States

Casa Prosecco DOC USA is the official source of news and information about Prosecco DOC in the United States. The website is regularly updated with the most pertinent news regarding Prosecco, from new regulations and initiatives to harvest reports and export data to national and international events involving Prosecco.

The team of Casa Prosecco DOC USA will also respond to inquiries about Prosecco from news outlets, press, and consumers via the official contact form on the website. The seat of Casa Prosecco DOC USA is the New York office of Colangelo & Partners, an integrated communications agency specializing in fine wine and spirits that has worked with several leading producers over more than a decade and has been the agency of record for the Prosecco DOC Consortium since 2014, focused on promoting and protecting the reputation and authenticity of this popular sparkling wine.

The Prosecco DOC Consortium and Colangelo & Partners are continuing to work together to debunk myths and educate trade and consumers alike about Prosecco through trade and press seminars, important industry conferences, continuous media outreach, and participation in consumer events like art shows, fashion shows, and consumer events.

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Casa Prosecco USA - Colangelo & Partners  l +1.646.624.2885 1010

Avenue of the Americas, Suite 300,

New York,

NY 10018 (entrance on southeast corner of 38th St.)


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