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It is always a good moment to share a toast.

03 July 2021

Weekend of taste

On July 3, 2021, the "Weekend of Taste" began at Villa Terzaghi, a splendid 18th-century hunting lodge located in Robecco sul Naviglio which since 2019 has been the seat of the Maestro Martino Association presided by chef Carlo Cracco.
These weekends focus on wine, a real immersion in the world of oenology, to discover cycling from the Darsena of Milan to the Villa. 
The protagonists are the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC - Official sparkling wine 2021 of Villa Terzaghi, with three exceptional wineries :

  • Astoria
  • La Marca
  • Piera 1899

The wine masterclasses are free and bookable until exhaustion, by writing to:

For information and details about the program click here


Save the date!

Villa Terzaghi
Via San Giovanni 41
20087 MI

I weekend del gusto si svolgeranno nelle seguenti date:

  • July 3-4
  • July 10-11 
  • July 17-18 
  • July 24-25

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