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The Botanic Gardens of Padua: a journey around the world, exploring natural beauty

The Botanic Gardens, a journey around the world, exploring natural beauty. 


Padua, the home of the greatest doctors, shows off its natural splendour at its highly renowned Botanic Gardens. 

The gardens were created in 1545 for the cultivation of medicinal plants, also known as herbs. 

In the past, it was a place where besides enjoying the beauty of the plants you might also see extremely rare things.

The gardens have now become the oldest university botanic gardens in the world. They boast up to 7 thousand different species and provide a source of inspiration and well-being for the people of Padua and visitors alike.

In the gardens of Padua, you will find trees that are famous for their old age, such as a Himalayan cedar and an oriental plane tree. 

Apart from being divided by species, the plants have also been grouped into themed collections, such as: carnivorous plants, medicinal and poisonous species, plants from the Euganean Hills and rare and introduced species. 

Interesting work has also been done to recreate the plants' original environments. 

For a closer glimpse of this magnificent park, we recommend viewing the gallery.

Where it is

Orto Botanico
Via Orto Botanico 15
35123 PD

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