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27 June 2022

Harmony and classicism blend between the sinuous lines of Antonio Canova and the inebriating sparkling bubbles of Prosecco DOC

Their union is expressed in a perfect combination of natural forms and beauty, carved into the contemporary collective imagination, though belonging to an ancient time. Antonio Canova's artistic genius is expressed through refined marble workmanship that represents the quintessence of absolute beauty with the purity and precise harmonious technique, which distinguishes him.

Balance, proportion and simplicity in Canova’s art are combined with the essence of Prosecco DOC, in the limited edition bottle dedicated to the exhibition "Canova Gloria Trevigiana" at the Balio Museum in Treviso, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the artist's death (1822-2022).

The special edition is a tribute to the history and poetry of the classical art of Antonio Canova, portraying one of the emblematic works of the group Amore e Psiche Stanti, whose sinuous lines blend with the soft shapes of the Prosecco DOC bottle.

This partnership showcases the ideal of beauty, a journey between illusion and creation, where the hand that sculpts the marble is the same hand that works in the vineyard.

Canova's craftsmanship was able to bring an inert material such as stone to life, giving it a soul through its shapes and effects of softness and transparency never achieved , as the subjects depicted could come to life from one moment to the next.

As in art, the wise hands of farmers have been able to shape the DOC territories, giving an invaluable heritage to the winemaking world, creating one of the world's most appreciated wines: Prosecco. 

The culmination of this encounter will be the new short film GENIUS MOVES THE WORLD, a tribute to the art of Antonio Canova and his love of dance, to be released this fall. The journey created by director and image philosopher Carlo Guttadauro will transport us to the second half of the 18th century by revisiting the atmospheres in which Canova moved, imagined, contemplated and shaped the material.

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