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30 June 2022

Prosecco DOC: a dictionary for a beautiful life between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

Do you remember the game  "if I were...," the one where by mentioning a subject you had to find the element  that best represented you? 
Here we play along through some letters and must-see destinations in the Prosecco DOC lands to inspire your next vacation.

We start with the letter A in Actual, just like Treviso and Prosecco DOC Rosé. This is where this product, born from the union between the white grape, Glera, and the noblest of red grapes, Pinot Noir, first came to life. A modern, contemporary, lively and vibrant product to be tasted accompanied by the cicchetti of the Pescheria, in one of the most lively and charming corners of the city.

With the B of Brioso we reach Trieste. Spirited and effervescent, it is the must-see stop for next fall to attend the Barcolana, of which Prosecco DOC has been an official sponsor for many years, one of the most important regattas for sea enthusiasts. Trieste is a city to be experienced and discovered in its contrasts and evocative places such as the Miramare Castle.

C for Contemporary and for Padua, although it may seem absurd given the historical origins of the city, its monuments and the mansions around it. Prosecco itself was born in this area from the first grafts brought from Greece. We invite you to discover the modern soul of this city, where tradition is dressed in enthusiasm and freshness. A few ideas: the Crystal Garden and the work "Memory and Light."

The word Elegance does not need too much introduction. Few things in the world represent it like Venice, which just celebrated its 1.600th anniversary for which Prosecco DOC has produced a special edition with a dedicated label. Getting lost among the calle, sipping spritzes, savoring Venetian cuisine. Everything has a different allure in Venice. 

We run fast to the P of Power and to Gorizia, a frontier land where emotions are pulsing the strongest. These are the places of war but also of the Friulian interpretation of Prosecco DOC, both in the traditional version and in the new born Rosé that completes the experience of living the city between culture and wine tourism. After all, wine depends on the land where it is born and here it becomes synonymous with power and beauty.

Synonymous with elegance is Refinement, to continue with our dictionary, and Vicenza is the ideal destination for an absolutely chic weekend getaway. Not only to visit Palladio's city and the villas that surround it, but also to discover the surprising flavor of Prosecco DOC, with a charmer perlage that will be hard to forget.

Belluno, we'll reveal right away, is Surprising in its being a maze of culture and places to visit such as the library or the Museum of Migrations. But also an ideal destination to discover the nature that surrounds it like Dolomites, Carnic Pre-Alps and ancient Forest of the Doges that, never as in autumn, explodes in colors that leave you amazed!

We are almost at the end with the T of Trendy. Capable of satisfying every whim, Udine is the city for those who don't want to give up anything during their leisure time. From the beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro, to the mountains that protect Udine, the vibrant city, conveniently " an hour from everything", offers many places to discover. Enjoy the streets of the center, then stop for a stroll in search of the bike paths  and relax at one of the many little bars among the piazzas sipping, of course, Prosecco DOC.

One city is missing that we would like you to find the right word for. Pordenone will welcome you among art, shopping, and nature: Spilimbergo and its mosaics, Sacile and musical crafts, Maniago and cutlery art. A city that can transform and catch the colors of the sky in places like Polcenigo, where nature amazes with the Gorgazzo spring.

A land, the one where Prosecco DOC is born, that is able to let itself be discovered without haste, where time slows down to leave room for simple living and sincere flavors telling the story of the territory, food and wine and craftsmanship that have made Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia the pride and flag of Italian Genius.





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