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15 March 2021

Prosecco Loves Flavour, bubbles at the service of mixology

Everything we've always imagined or wanted to ask, about Prosecco DOC in mixology and have never dared to ask: excuse us Woody Allen, but bubbles are serious business.

Cloakroom Cocktail Lab, Treviso

So just like this the Dive pieces with ninety items of mixology, capable of declining Prosecco DOC into cocktails that taste like a solid future, and you understand an exciting side of using the wine with its thick, exciting perlage.

Max Morandi dell’Ada C. Secret, Padova

Whether they are natives like Samuele Ambrosi of Cloakroom Cocktail Lab in Treviso (where local bubbles are the only ones on tap), Max Morandi of Ada C. Secret in Padua or Lucas Kelm at the helm of Il Calandrino, in Sarmeola di Rubano in the province of Padua, or experts in the potential of Prosecco DOC such as Riccardo Tesini of Killer in Milan and Luca Menni directly from Move On in Florence, all the bartenders interviewed agreed on one detail: Prosecco DOC can give a touch of pleasant acidity ("being a fermented wine" as Tesini underlines) capable of making any drink more pleasant, drinkable and appreciable.

Luca Menni, Move On, Firenze

Whether it is paired with bitters or with the taki sweetness of pineapple, with the delicate Dloral-relaxing essence of chamomile or with the seductive roundness of raspberry, Prosecco DOC constantly hits the mark, underlining the gentle Padovan macerations invigorated by orange juice, reinterpreting the most classic of aperitif drinks, the Spritz, in a Dloral key with St. Germain, elderDlowers and soda as in Calandrino, or accompanying itself with the stimulating acidity of pomegranate, the sweet cleanliness of honey syrup salted in the shadows of the Baptistery of Florence. An ingenious journey among the different sparkling interpretations of the uniqueness of Prosecco, inside out the territory, supreme Italian Genius able to set the pace even in a mixology version.

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