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Winemakers DOC

Meet all Prosecco DOC winemakers.


Via Crevada 9
31020 TV

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In 2004 siblings Elena and Enrico Moschetta decided to vinify and to convert into sparkling wine on their own the grapes, coming from the vineyards, property of the great-grandfather Genesio since the end of 1800s. So the entrepreneurial adventure began, putting together the twenty-year experience as oenologist of Enrico and the economic-administrative experience in the Italian and international distribution of Elena’s husband Luca Cuzzion. 10 years after Biancavigna boasts 18 ha cultivated and a production of DOCG, DOC and IGT sparkling wines exported in the whole world (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia etc). In Italy its Conegliano Valdobbiadene bottles are on the tables of many starred restaurants, international hotels, wine-shops and selected wine-bars and even in two wine lists of Michelin stars.
The company and the founder’s profile has always been characterized by deep passion for earth and wine and has been built on solid values of respect for the territory and on its low profile, that is rewarding it. In 2014 the construction of the new winery in Ogliano, Conegliano hills has started and will finish with 2015 harvest. It is obtaining the “casa clima wine” certification, both building and production process protocol.


The farm Bosco del Merlo represents brothers Carlo, Lucia and Roberto Paladin’s pride, the result of a commitment that continues and renovate itself, a love and passion expression for the earth and its fruits. It produces wines, typical of the territory, putting together tradition, culture and courage; it uses the most advanced technologies, respecting ethics and environment, in order to offer quality without compromises and the highest satisfaction to the clients and admirers.
Bosco del Merlo is an eco-compatible vine-grower farm, that improves everyday its performances toward the environment. The projects to protect consumers and environment are joined under the aegis of “Viticoltura Ragionata”. Making “Viticoltura Ragionata” means placing the vineyard-system at the center of qualitative and productive logics. The vineyard is considered as a defined ecosystem, where balance must be preserved as it is the basis to produce a sustainable quality highly linked to the territory.

31020 TV

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Founded in 2005 thanks to the experience of the Cecchetto family, wine producers since 1931, the Ca’ di Rajo winery is run by brothers Simone, Alessio and Fabio; it has a production capacity of 3 million litres, 1.4 of which are potential in autoclaves (during harvest, part
of the must is cold stored; with this procedure, it can be used on sparkling wine bases to refresh the wines). The company uses the most innovative winemaking technologies, however, its modern facility and young team are located in a fascinating historical context, in an estate
located within a medieval village.
Symbols of the glorious past of the countryside that extends from Conegliano to Oderzo, the Chiesetta del Carmine, the neighboring Casa Convento and the Tower of Rai from the 14th century, stand next to a modern designed winery.

Via Madonna 27
33032 UD

T. +39 0432 917434 - F. +39 0432 917768


Cantina di Bertiolo is situated in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in the North East of Italy, an area known for its natural predisposition to the cultivation of vines. Our cellar works the grapes of its 60 farms, which are at the same time the shareholders of Cabert, a holding company founded in 1960. The total vineyard area is of about 300 hectares. Here at Cabert we have developed over the years a wide range of different types of wines, beginning from the autochthonous varieties of our region as Friulano, Refosco, Schioppettino and Ribolla Gialla to arrive to Pinot Grigio, wine par excellence of our region, and Prosecco. The character of the wines of Cabert is balanced, with a vivid flavour profile and a sense of terroir, made to be enjoyed at any occasion; they offer drinking-pleasure, without weighing one down.

Via L. Toffolin 6
31053 TV

T. +39 0438 840092 - F. +39 0438 82630


Our story began in 1957, over 60 years ago, when 31 wine producers came together who shared a love for Prosecco, a talent for wine-making and a love for their land. Today our 600 members cultivate about 1,000 hectares, 85% of the grapes produced are of the Glera variety (Prosecco), with the remaining grapes made up other varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Raboso, Pinot Nero, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. Thanks to their work out in the vineyards, our team of oenologists are able to use traditional wine-making methods supported by a cutting-edge analysis laboratory and a modern bottling line, guaranteeing an authentic, safe and quality product in every single bottle. Since 1957 we’ve been committed to being a point of reference for wine-making, on a local, national and international scale. The certifications (9001, IFS, BRC, BIO and VEGAN) and many important awards we have obtained are the confirmation of our dedication to continuous improvement, to satisfy a customer base that pays increasing attention not only to the quality of wine but also to food safety.


65 years of history to create, harvest after harvest, a great quality wine, born from barren and stony lands. Our tradition, transmitted since the Romans times, kept the secret to transform an unfriendly land into the best to produce unique wines. In Rauscedo, between the rushing rivers gushing suddenly, to then disappear in the ground again, we say that “water divides men: wine unites them”.

Via Caonada 2/A
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Cantina Montelliana e dei Colli Asolani is a cooperative of associated vine-growers, founded in 1957. Its vineyards are located on the hills around Montello and Colli Asolani, at 120-150 m above sea levels, with a south exposition, in the heart of Marca Trevigiana, that has ideal pedo-climatic conditions for vine cultivation. The soil presents variable characteristics, keeping a constant feature in the gravelly subsoil, allowing an optimal drainage of rainwater. 700 ha of vineyard collect about 8000/10.000 tons of grapes every year, a production per hectare of 10/13 tons per hectare.
The company is highly oriented towards high quality wines, as witnessed by the prizes won in the main international competitions, and by ISO 9001, BRC and IFS certifications, that guarantee quality in the working processes.


Martino, Antonio, Caterina and Riccardo keep managing with enthusiasm and commitment the wine-making company, founded by the grandfather in 1940 in Chiarano, little town in the Piave area.

A company composed of young people, that work in order to offer a wide range of easy and accessible wines, characterized by a smooth flavor for the everyday consumption and for every occasion. These wines combine respect for tradition and a modern and international approach. The family values, the transferred knowledge and passion for quality wine interlink each other with the will to renovate and to interact with the global consumers, more and more informed about wine world.
White and red grapes, coming from the 34 hectares vineyards on a clay soil, are valorized in the cellar.
The aim is to valorize the uniqueness of certain venetian grape varieties. In the last two years autochthonous grape varieties of Marca Trevigiana have been produced in the sparkling version, giving satisfying results and continuous improvements.


Born at the end of the 90s and part of Collis Veneto Wine Group since 2006, Cantine Riondo represents an excellent reality in the international viticultural context, synonym of “Italian lifestyle”.
More than 10 million of bottles in 2011: Riondo is a well-structured company, that keeps his historical vocation for sparkling wine, in order to valorize the local excellences, in particular Prosecco.
Vital, generous and harmonious wines interpret the most actual trends and reflect the taste of many palates, from the simplest to the most refined, meeting the various market’s requests. Positive feedbacks come also from many awards received at international level, in particular Prosecco Spago Nero obtained 90 points from Robert Parker and the Golden Medal at the Vinitaly Enological Competition 2011: concrete expression of a production linked to quality and excellence.


The story begins in 1973, when Bonaventura Maschio created from the secular family distillery a winery on the technological and productive cutting edge already at the time, that today produces the two most sold wines in Italy: Maschio Chardonnay and Maschio Pinot Rosa.
Cantine Maschio’s wines come from grapes collected on the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene and in the Piave valley.
This is Prosecco land: a territory that which goes from Dolomites’ wild beauty to Venice’s refinement, where the vine has been cultivated for more than 3.000 years.
Cantine Maschio story is also Prosecco story. With its freshness, brightness and lightness, this wine created a new consume style, inspired by conviviality, aperitif and spritz.