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All the latest news on the Prosecco DOC Consortium

28 February 2022

GENIUS MOVES THE WORLD: Tribute to Antonio Canova

"Canova had the courage not to copy the Greeks and to invent a beauty as the Greeks had done" (1816).
"... you have created one hundred statues, thirty of which are masterpieces!” - Stendhal

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16 February 2022

"The Italian Genio": fashion film presented by Prosecco DOC and Tuorlo Magazine

Best Commercial. Best Micro Short. Best Experimental Short, 2 times. Grand Jury Award.

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10 February 2022


Prosecco DOC and Casanova Opera Pop: Italian bubbles, culture, and more POP than e

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25 February 2022

Discover the Authentic Prosecco DOC

A journey to discover the authentic Prosecco DOC.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes Prosecco DOC unique?

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25 February 2022

Dolce Vita in Expo Dubai 2020

“Dolce Vita in Expo Dubai”: an exclusive documentary on the main characters of the cuisine and bar world in Dubai and on how the "Dolce Vita" is the leit motiv on the tables of Expo 2020.

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12 January 2022

Casanova OperaPop: Prosecco DOC is Partner and Official Sparkling Wine

Venice, queen of the seas, has come to the end of its millennial history.

Between the liquid mirrors of the canals and the velvet curtains of the theatres, life smiles by day and catches fire by night...

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3 December 2021

Prosecco DOC adds sparkles to the FIM Awards

Prosecco DOC, the sparkle of MotoGP™ and WorldSBK, is confirmed as Official Provider for the FIM Awards 2020-2021. Joining the event after its participation to the 2016 Berlin edition, Prosecco DOC has been under the spotlight in the FIM Awards, having designed a very special and exclusive label

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29 November 2021

Dance to the Prosecco DOC Dreamland

Refined, surprising, authentic, convivial, creative, contemporary, lively, trendy, elegant.

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23 November 2021

Prosecco DOC: a toast to team spirit


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25 November 2021

Prosecco DOC and sustainability: a challenge to overcome

The word “sustainability” represents the essence of the way of working that is necessary to ensure a future in balance with nature and society. We have learned to recognize its complexity, to identify its components, and to pronounce it with increasing urgency of practical application.

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