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12 January 2022

Casanova OperaPop: Prosecco DOC is Partner and Official Sparkling Wine

Venice, queen of the seas, has come to the end of its millennial history.

Between the liquid mirrors of the canals and the velvet curtains of the theatres, life smiles by day and catches fire by night...

Prosecco DOC is Partner and Official Sparkling Wine of Casanova OperaPop, musical and first soloist theatre piece by Red Canzian.

Prosecco DOC Casanova

The new kolossal, already sold out in the first dates and touring in the main italian theaters until 13th March 2022, has been written in the past two years, during which Canzian was unvoluntarily far from the scenes.

Casanova is the first original musical to debut after the reopening of the theaters, and what better company for such a show than the most loved sparkling wine in the world?

Prosecco DOC Casanova

A cast with 21 extraordinary performers, directed by Emanuele Gamba, will bring on stage 18th Century Venice with the young Giacomo Casanova, one of the most romantic, rebel and fascinating characters of the Serenissima. Between intrigues and adventures, the ironic and irreverent Venetian will show himself as a democratic libertarian, valorous defender of the Repubblic and finally in love with the young Francesca Erizzo, enchanting and determined.

Casanova opera pop

To celebrate this magnificent show, a special Prosecco DOC bottle has been designed with the original artwork by cartoonist Milo Manara.

Casanova OperaPop has debuted in Teatro Malibran in Venezia on 21st January.

Click here to discover the tour dates and come enjoy with us.


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